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Xenia Lappo
Marketing Manager
Phone: 310-691-4997

RatPac Controls Launches 12x200v2 at Cine Gear Atlanta: Enhanced Electronic Circuit Protection and New Design

Atlanta, October 6, 2023 – RatPac Controls, the leading provider of dimming, power, and lighting control solutions for the entertainment industry, is proud to announce the launch of the 12x200v2, the next-generation reverse-phase dimmer. This new dimmer is custom-designed for 120v LED tubes and low-wattage practicals and is rated at 200W. It provides a smooth dim from 0-100% and 100%-0% and features a built-in CRMX wireless transceiver, a new locking wireless toggle switch, and a new mode select switch.


“Being able to dim practical lights down to 1% without flicker, even those provided by the art department, and control it via wireless DMX have been ground-breaking in delivering efficiency and allowing faster set-up and control,” said Nick Stabile, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer. “We are excited to present a new vinyl design of 12x200v2. It’s time to update the overall look of our boxes, and this is just the first step.”


President and Interim CEO Tom Sievers added, “The 12x200v2 dimmer is equipped with MOSFET technology that allows dimming control of loads down to 1%, making it ideal for low-wattage LEDs, tubes, and practical lights. It also features enhanced electronic circuit protection, eliminating issues with over-amping outlets or plugging in fixtures larger than 200 watts. We are confident this product will be a great addition to any lighting set-up.”


The 12x200v2 is designed to work well with capacitive loads, especially on the low end, where stable control can be problematic. The modular controller allows for futureproofing of the box, as the technology can be expanded or removed by replacing the controller with a couple of screws.


The 12x200v2 is ETL-certified for use in the US and Canada and is available for demos. RatPac Controls is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality products and services, and the 12x200v2 is no exception.

Visit booth 1102 at Cine Gear ATL to get a demo.

About Ratpac Controls:

Established in Los Angeles in 2011 with locations nationwide, RatPac Controls designs, manufactures, sells, and rents power and data distribution equipment for lighting in the Motion Picture, Television, and Broadcast Media industries. Our product developments are focused on making the jobs of lighting and rigging easier and more efficient. Our products have been used on major motion picture and television shows around the world for over a decade. These product portfolios include whisper-quiet dimming solutions for all varieties of HMI, LED, and tungsten lights. We also lead the way in wireless lighting controls systems, designing and manufacturing transmitters and receivers compatible with all varieties of lighting fixtures commonly used on production sets.